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Temper Shield Radiant Heat Barriers

Do you want to reduce your utility costs and consumption, while better your home's comfort level? A revolutionary technology designed by NASA will do just the trick: the Temper Shield radiant heat barrier.

A radiant barrier is installed in your attic as a way to reduce the heat your home gains in the summertime, thus helping to reduce the costs associated with cooling your home. Temper Shield's radiant barriers are highly reflective, and re-emit radiant heat (heat that radiates from an element, and warms objects rather than the air) instead of absorbing it.

How does it work?

The space-age reflective material found in Temper Shield radiant heat barriers reflects back heat in order to stop radiant heat from being absorbed. Mass insulation only slows down the transfer of heat. Using Temper Shield will give you the following special advantages:

  • A clean and safe heat barrier
  • Increased comfort in your home
  • A reduction in your energy costs
  • A building that is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • An elimination of vapor problems



Heat travels from warm to cool areas by conduction, convection and radiation. Radiant heat goes in a straight line away from surfaces, heating anything solid that is able to absorb energy, and radiant heat transfer happens because of warmer surfaces emitting more radiation than what comes from cooler surfaces.

Radiant barriers are installed usually between a roof's sheathing and the attic floor insulation, in the cavity walls, or around door openings, water heaters and pipes. It's recommended you hire a certified radiant heat barrier to install the product, as the effectiveness of the product depends on its proper installation.

At Utility Improvements, we have the expertise in helping homeowners save on their energy costs and showing them how to save on heating and cooling bills by installing Temper Shield radiant heat barriers.

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Temper Shield Radiant Heat Barriers
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